For over 45 years, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation has fought for native and non-native wildlife to be respected as intelligent, sentient individuals. Having received over 200,000 sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals since inception, we at WRR see clearly the effects of humans treating animals as disposable creatures whose vital needs must always play second fiddle to their own. As one of the largest wildlife care and protection organizations in the state of Texas, we must speak on behalf of these animals if they are to have any hope of surviving this often cruel and overdeveloped world.

“Just as wild animals have adapted to live in our human-altered environments, there are many ways we can adapt our behaviors to make the world a better place for animals.” – Lynn Cuny, Founder/President

Our mission to end the suffering of non-human animals doesn’t end with wildlife rehabilitation and sanctuary. We commit to working alongside city, county, state, and federal officials, as well as fellow animal welfare organizations and public and private entities to make this world a safer, more respectful place for wildlife.

Below, you will find downloadable information regarding our advocacy priorities. Thank you for your interest. We invite you to get involved in whatever ways you can and to contribute financially to this important work.

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