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Apprenticeship & Internship Programs



As the human population expands and environmental changes affect habitats, the role of Wildlife Rescue in amelioration and remediation efforts continues to grow. Due to the highly specialized skill set required for full-time employment in wildlife rehabilitation and animal care, most paid positions require several years of hands-on experience. To help meet this need for experienced caretakers, WRR has developed apprenticeship programs designed for different experience levels so that individuals can begin to develop or continue to build their skills in wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and animal care.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation is looked to as a model for wildlife rehabilitation and sanctuary nationally and internationally. Completing an apprenticeship gives an individual the skills and knowledge they will need to apply for permanent positions or graduate and professional schools. Our programs are challenging and test an individual’s strengths and weaknesses emotionally and physically. Wildlife rehabilitation requires hard work and dedication. Some seasons demand long hours. Through this experience, however, apprentices may discover new and powerful interests, refine career paths, and become part of a community of shared commitments.

Available Opportunities:

Veterinary Technician Apprenticeship:
This Apprenticeship offers a program that allows individuals to gain fundamental knowledge of basic animal husbandry and also begin working with an experienced wildlife veterinary team. Apprentices assist with procedures, learn the basics of monitoring anesthesia and lab work, learn about and administer medications used in wildlife rehabilitation, and assist with the upkeep of the veterinary clinic.


Available Opportunities:

Animal Care Internship:
This internship is a great starting point for individuals who have an educational background or are currently enrolled at a university but lack substantial experience working with wildlife. Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates approximately 11,000 animals every year. If you are interested in pursuing a career in animal care, wildlife rehabilitation, or veterinary medicine this internship is for you.

This internship involves working with a variety of native Texas wildlife. The species worked with are dependent on the time of year. This opportunity provides interns with basic knowledge of native Texas wildlife including natural history, triage of injuries, and medication administration, as well as the opportunity to gain valuable experience in facility cleanliness and operation standards.

*2023 Spring & Summer Internship Applications Currently CLOSED*


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