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Rehabilitation & Sanctuary – Kendalia

The main Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation sanctuary and rehabilitation facilities are located on 212 wooded acres near Kendalia in the Texas Hill Country, about fifty miles from both San Antonio and Austin. There are six ponds, two creeks, and the Little Blanco River on the property. The topography of the land is diverse and enclosure areas were chosen according to the specific needs of the species who would live in them.

The large cats have tree-studded enclosures and their own rocky bluff. Farmed animals have spacious pastures and ponds. Primates have shrubbery, oak, juniper, hackberry trees, and deep grass in each of their habitats. Parrots and other nonnative birds’ homes are fifty-foot-long flights constructed of stainless-steel mesh connected to a heated building for the cold winters. The bears have a two-acre home that overlooks the pig and goat pastures. In short, all animals in sanctuary live in spacious natural enclosures tailored to species-specific needs.

Much of the 212 acres is left in a natural state for the native species of wildlife who were living here when we acquired the land. We built a 5,000-square-foot Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital, a 3,000-square-foot Nutrition Center, a 3,000 square-foot Veterinary Clinic, a large maintenance building, and renovated several small buildings on the property that are now used for administration offices, animal receiving, animal enrichment, hay barns, and related needs.

Sanctuary Overhead


Because of our commitment to respect the rights and needs of wildlife, the main WRR facilities and grounds are not open to the public (except to bring animals in need of help.)

WRR Sanctuary

P.O. Box 369, Kendalia, TX 78027
335 Old Blanco Road, Kendalia, TX 78027
Phone: 830-336-2725

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Sunday: 6:30 a.m. – 11 p.m.
(Call 830-336-2725 for after-hours assistance)

WRR’s Roger & Phyllis Sherman Animal Care Complex – San Antonio

Wildlife Rescue opened WRR’s Sherman Animal Care Complex in San Antonio in early January 2010. Since moving out of Lynn Cuny’s backyard in 1980 to a four-acre sanctuary in Leon Springs (and then to Boerne’s 21 acres and now to 212 acres in Kendalia), this was our first location back in San Antonio that was not located in volunteer quarters. The property, which was funded by Roger and Phyllis Sherman, serves as a drop-off point for injured and orphaned wildlife, a temporary rehabilitation center for certain species of orphaned mammals and birds, and an education center. The immediate care available here is critical in saving more lives. Words can hardly express our appreciation to the Shermans for the generosity that made this possible.

Receiving & Rehabilitation Clinic

Rather than having to wait until a volunteer can bring them to Kendalia for help, injured and orphaned wild animals now receive immediate care. Baby cottontail rabbits can remain at WRR’s Sherman Animal Care Complex until they reach an age where they need the facilities at the Kendalia sanctuary for the next step on their way to release. Others will be evaluated, given care, and readied for immediate transfer to the sanctuary hospital.

Education & Advocacy

By having a physical presence in San Antonio, we are in a better position to collaborate with others in speaking out on behalf of animals. WRR’s Sherman Animal Care Complex represents a great step forward in our ability to intervene promptly and effectively for wildlife in need, and it allows us to be a more visible and active presence in San Antonio. We invite you to come by and learn more about what we are doing and explore volunteer opportunities.

Roger & Phyllis Sherman Animal Care Complex

Roger & Phyllis Sherman Animal Care Complex
166 Babcock Rd., San Antonio, TX 78201
Phone: 830-336-2725

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Sunday: 8 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.